Sunday, May 13, 2012

Menu Plan-May 13

Happy Mother's Day friends! I hope you all have a blessed day and get treated extra special. :)

I'm changing the way I do my menu, yes again. I'm still trying to find the right fit for us and since we're an ever-changing family our lives are constantly changing. At the beginning of May I started planning our breakfasts out. This was due to Nyla wanting a homemade cinnamon roll every morning. And because I didn't want to think about what else there was that's what she got. But after I started planning the breakfasts she hasn't asked for them as much. We'll get there.

Because of my breakfast planning I decided to also start planning our lunch menu. Daniel takes leftovers from the night before or one of the many convenience meals that are usually in the freezer. But I'd like to start planning what we eat here at home. Nyla doesn't eat the same things we do, unfortunately, but I can plan out what she eats a little better to save us more money on our grocery budget and so she's not eating the same things everyday. I've made a chart on Google Docs with spaces for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as the grocery items needed. I'll plan for every two weeks as I've been doing in the past months. I think this will help me to remember to eat lunch (I haven't all week) and will help me to vary what Nyla eats, even though she's a picky eater. I'll continue to just put breakfasts and dinners on here as our lunches aren't exciting. If you'd like to see what we eat for lunch I'm happy to post those. Just let me know. Here's what we're having this week.

Sunday- Happy Mother's Day!
B: breakfast at our church
D: going to my parents house

B: banana bread (from the freezer)
D: layered enchilada baked (from the freezer)

B: cinnamon rolls (from the freezer)
D: poppyseed chicken, rice and vegetables (from the freezer)

B: banana bread
D: easy chicken and dumplings, macaroni and cheese and vegetables

B: apple muffins
D: taco's and homemade taco shells (we'll see how I do)

B: banana-blueberry muffins (from the freezer)
D: blueberry cream cheese stuffed french toast {new recipe}

B: cinnamon toast (made by Daniel)
D: chicken on the grill (from the freezer), baked potatoes and vegetables

As you can see we're eating a lot from the freezer this week. If you've been following along you know that it's all from my big freezer cooking days last week. It's nice to spend time with Daniel and the girls so I'm continuing my freezer cooking this week. I'm tripling the taco meat and putting 2 batches in the freezer. I'm going grocery shopping Monday or Tuesday and have quite a few things on my list I'll be prepping for the freezer. Now that I've spent the time prepping breakfasts and dinners for the freezer I see how easy it is for me to do a little each week to build up my stock so a few times a week I don't have to cook. It works for me!
What's happening in your kitchen this week?

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