Friday, May 4, 2012

Welcome & A First Post

Daniel and Ginny, Fall 2007

Welcome my husband, Daniel, to my blog, now our blog! He asked last week if he could start writing on here and I enthusiastically said "yes." It will be nice to have a contributor as I have a hard time keeping up with it all. I want to have a blog post 2-3 times a week but I can't seem to think of enough good things to say. When he asked I was thrilled. After all this blog is titled "Gabbing with the Gafford's." 

I have no idea what he'll write on but I guarantee it'll be funny and you'll enjoy reading this posts. He's a much better writer than I am. He's so good at saying exactly what he means, in my opinion. I have such a hard time writing like that so I end up posting a delicious recipe instead. But hey, we both have our talents so it's all good! I hope you enjoy reading what he writes.

So without further ado, here he is!

I promise you I did not write that intro. In fact, this is the first time I've actually seen said intro, so my wife is clearly too kind. One of the many reasons I married her. Anyways...

I used to have a blog. Well, actually, I still do have a blog, but I think my last post was last September. Honestly, having to write a few blogs a week can be difficult. I asked G last week if she wanted me to do some posts over here. As you can tell, she was excited at the idea. I think this will be an excellent way for both of us to document our time as a family of four (still weird to type "of four"). As for what I will blog about, well, there's no telling. My interests are sports, weather, technology, reading, studying the Bible, and of course spending time with my beautiful wife and precocious daughters. There will be funny posts; there will be serious posts. You'll laugh; you'll cry; you'll vow never to return only to be drawn back by my wit and humor. I suspect most of my posts will be about life as a father and husband as well as what I've been reading in the Bible or other books. I also like finding quotes from famous people and writing my thoughts on them, too. The one thing you won't see me write about is politics the farce of global warming cooking. I leave that to my wife. 

I will always write my posts in a green font, have my trademark "-D" at the end of all my posts, and have them tagged as "Daniel". That will make it easier for you to search for them later so that you can show your family and friends the incredibly thought-provoking, life-changing, mind-blowing blogs that I write. 

(Can you tell I enjoy sarcasm, cynicism, and over-the-top humor?)

Thanks for reading! I'll be coming to your computer screens again soon!


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