Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Simple Journaling

I love to journal but I never feel like I have enough to say. Plus I don't have time to sit down and write 2-3 pages of my days activities each night. Not only do I not have time I'm too tired!

I was snooping around Pinterest one day and came across an easy way to journal. And I'm in love! I found this great journal that is divided into 7 days and approximately a 2 inch section to write in. I have enough space to write funny things the girls do and say, a new recipe I tried, a quote I like, what's happening in my garden, what the weather was like, etc. The possibilities are endless! Naomi turned 6 months last week so I traced her little hand in colored pencil (after I wrote in pen for that day) and wrote "6 months old." Now I'll always know how small her hands really were.

I've been saying for a couple of years how I wish I was writing more down with our everyday activities. But I felt overwhelmed by having to fill up a page per day. But not anymore! I'm finding some days I need a little more room to write just one more thing. :)

I write about:
-what the weather is like
-what Nyla and Naomi do or say during the day, there's never a dull moment with the two of them!
-what I cook for dinner, especially if I try a new recipe (I did write about my freezer cooking days)
-things that are going on in mine and Daniel's lives outside of the girls, because we do have a life outside of them :)
-when the girls are sick and what's going on
-when the girls hit a milestone or have a birthday
-any little moment that I want to remember

I draw: (but I stink at drawing)
-the weather
-little handprints or footprints
-plants from the garden
-whatever else I want

What I use:
1. A spiral bound notebook with no lines on the pages. The size is about 8.5 x 12
2. A gel pen. I'm in love with gel pens and we have way too many in our house. :)
3. Colored pencils. I may do a little drawing at the bottom of some sections or just color in lightly for a certain day. I'm not specific with my drawings. I just draw when the moment strikes.

I just started my fourth week and am still going strong. I love that I can write just five things and my little section is full. I can write about crazy random stuff that some people may think is meaningless but it's not to us. It's all about remembering the little words and moments. I wish I knew about this when Daniel and I started dating and then first married. There are so many sweet times when we were first married that I wish I remembered. But I have this now and I'll continue it.

Do you journal? If so, what do you use, how much do you write, etc.? I'd love your thoughts!

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erin said...

I love this idea! I too would like to journal more of the everyday things but have felt that pressure to write a lot when I really don't need to.