Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Crazy Love [Book Review]

This post will continue my series of posts of books I've recently read... today's book? Crazy Love by Francis Chan (Amazon Kindle link here).

Of course, right away, the title grabs your attention. Crazy love. What is that all about? The subtitle or tagline to the title is "Overwhelmed by a Relentless God". That's the main focus of this book. Francis opens up the book by describing God's love in terms of Creation and encourages readers to stop and view a video at the book's website. Too often we as Christians pass through each day without truly taking a step back and appreciating, admiring, worshipping, and revering God and His love. The opening pages of the book remind us to stop and do that.

At this point, Francis changes gears. If we are to be overwhelmed by this crazy love, what are we doing in response? Because it can very easy to acknowledge this crazy love yet do little about it. Francis quotes Jesus in Revelation regarding being neither hot nor cold but lukewarm. This book challenges believers to evaluate their lives against what Francis calls "the profile of the lukewarm".

There's a danger in a book like this of being too offensive or overly critical - to the point where people could potentially get down on themselves. Certainly the chapters about the lukewarm and serving "leftovers" to God may be difficult to read for some; however, each word has been carefully used. Francis also points out that God's grace also hovers over everything. As I read, I did not feel defeated at what I was or was not doing but instead was reminded that His grace is amazing. And because of that, I am motivated to get better and be more overwhelmed. The purpose of the book is not to be critical but to encourage.

Overall, this is an excellent book. Yes, it will challenge you. Yes, it might point out a behavior you engage in. But I walked away from the book feeling encouraged and thinking about how I can be better at what I've been gifted with. I definitely recommend this book and hope that you'll take away the same challenge yet encouragement from it as I did.


*These opinions are my own. No one contacted me about writing this review.

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