Sunday, November 14, 2010

Menu Plan Monday-November 15

Since my life has changed in the last 4 months (Happy 4 months to my sweet girl this past Saturday!), my menu planning has changed along with it. In October I may have cooked 10 times and I hate that! I'm so busy and exhausted by the time dinner time comes along, that it rarely gets done. Because of that, I'm changing how I plan our meals each week!

I'm going to plan 5 meals a week and cook them when I can. For awhile when I was able to cook, I'd cook 2 or 3 meals and freezer the ones we didn't have for dinner. I'm l going to try that approach these next few weeks, get my freezer stockpile up and still do something I love. If I'm only able to cook 1 meal, so be it, I'll cook the next day maybe during N's nap time.

Here's the plan for the week. It's in no particular order, I'll cook from this list for the week and we'll pick what we want each night. I'm only doing 5 meals a week because we can have leftovers 1 or 2 nights and we usually have dinner with some of our family once a week. Of course, we'll see how the week goes and if some of these items even get cooked, but I'm hoping!

Mexican Chicken (I bought a cookbook 2 weeks ago and this is a recipe from it; I'm super excited about this cookbook. I already made a soup from it and it was fantastic!)
Chicken Enchiladas (same cookbook)
Chicken Fingers and baked potatoes

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