Tuesday, November 17, 2009

I'm Pregnant!

First, God is SO good!
We are so grateful we are able to have children. And we are very excited and nervous about the upcoming months and years of our lives. It will be a wonderful experience, filled with many adventures.
Please pray for all of us as we experience many changes in our lives and my changing body. :)
I am not one for pain, AT ALL! So childbirth will be very interesting! I hope I don't break Hubby's hand in the process. I know he hopes I don't either.
I am 10 weeks as of today, with my due date being June 15, 2010. Thankfully I don't have to endure all the summer heat and pregnancy. That is a relief! Because it can get hot here in July and August!
But I am still nervous about all the changes that will happen when the baby comes. Money will be much tighter and our relationship as husband and wife will change as well. I just love the two of us, it's almost hard for me to imagine what it will be like with a child! Everyone says it the greatest experience of their lives and most rewarding too. But I think being a God-fearing woman and wife is so rewarding.
I want to make sure I keep God first, Hubby second and child/children third. I know people who put children first and I just don't like that. I don't like their behavior or their children's for that matter. When the kids are gone it's back to being just you and Hubby and that lifestyle again. And keeping him in front of the kids I know will make that transition easier. But that's my opinion. :)
But everything has been wonderful so far. No troubles or much pain at all, just a little cramping here and there. I hope it continues the next 7+ months.
Thanks for your prayers!!! They are greatly appreciated!


SnoWhite said...

how exciting! congratulations. I'll keep you in my prayers.

Go East Memphis Mama said...


erin said...

I completely agree that it should be God first, husband second, and children third. In fact, I think that children benefit more when they are not placed first. I'm so excited for you and Daniel. Keep us updated!!