Friday, May 9, 2014

At Our Home: April

We've had a fairly busy April, as most months are around here. Between 2 days of KDO (thankfully, that's over next week!), zoo trips and play dates this pregnant mama is pooped! Here's a glimpse into our April.

We are bookworms around here!

This girls love to color! She's been working on her little workbooks I picked up at the Dollar Tree for fun. She is mastering writing her letters.

Our tomato plants finally went into the ground. I was adventurous and planted over 30 tomatoes, a dozen peppers and half a dozen okra. There's no telling how they'll do or what I'll do with all of them. I want to can them but that'll happen right when I have baby, so we'll see!

We traveled to see my Grandmother in Georgia  and the girls did great.
This is Nyla's drawing of Daddy. She's so sweet!

Grammy (my Grandmother) had some great toys. She still had old blocks my grandfather made, as well as lego's, baby dolls and so much more. And it's all toys I remember playing with as a girl. What great memories!

Our last day in GA we went to a local park and let the girls  run off some energy. They had a big cement tube that the girls found entertaining. It's fun watching them in new places and experiencing new things.

Naomi was a little timid about the tube but after Nyla  went through she decided it was okay to try.

Our little church had the annual Easter egg hunt. Naomi was totally into it this year. She was fun to watch.

Nyla, on the other hand, wasn't too interested in hunting. She gathered as many as she wanted and went back inside. 

We had a nice, warm day so we headed to the zoo in our new outfits from Gigi.

Mama and Baby #3 get excellent prenatal care from the big sisters!

We had our big reveal for baby #3 a couple weeks ago. I did a special reveal for Nyla and Naomi and wanted baby #3 to have that too. My sister gave me the idea to buy balloons for the reveal... blue for boy or pink for girl. Daniel and I went to my OB appointment together and I bought balloons that night for the gender we were having. The big reveal happened the next night. This was the hardest secret to keep for 36 hours! My dad was the funniest about it. He texted me all day Wednesday and all day Thursday asking if I wanted to tell him or that it was okay to tell him. He cracked me up!

And baby #3 is a girl! Natalie will join our family in early September. I have to say I was more shocked we were having another girl than Daniel was. We are thankful she's healthy and the pregnancy is going well.

We've had tons of outside time and it's been great! Naomi's little imagination has really grown the last few months and it's been fun watching her grown each day. She took off the top piece of our water table and called it an inhaler. Obviously, they have breathing issues and know what an inhaler is. But for her to take that off and start saying, "I need my haler" (she calls it her haler), she had Nyla and I cracking up. Then she was trying to put it on Nyla's face, "Use your haler Nyla." Too funny!

Daniel and I celebrated 6 years together on the 26th! We like to go out for a nice dinner (if we can) each year.  Every year we go to J. Alexander's. It's always a nice place, great service and fantastic food. We are never disappointed and this meal was no different. I always get Steak Maui (a ribeye with a sweet marinade and it's full of flavor) with a side dish. Wow, it's good!

Because of all the cold we had this winter our Spring has come a little late but it's been so nice to see everything blooming. My iris's have gone absolutely crazy this year. This picture was the beginning stages of the iris's. Now I've got at least 2 dozen blooming around our mailbox. I can't wait for the Daylilies and Black Eyed Susans' to bloom this Summer.

On another trip to the zoo we visited the farm and saw they have 2 new additions. Two baby sheep have joined the family farm and they were so sweet. The little black one came up to the fence so I pet it. The girls thought it was funny.

Of all the zoo has to offer, the Koi pond is a favorite feature to the girls. I guess they love all the colors. We spent quite awhile watching all the fish and talking about their colors. The fish must've thought we were going to feed them because they kept getting closer and closer to us.

Nyla has become obsessed with little piggy tail braids. She has wanted them almost everyday for the last 2 weeks. She looks super cute with them in.

Sweet Naomi has been showing me everything she colors. This is her Jesse Bear that she colored months ago but is still loving. She likes to show it to me from time to time and this was one of those times.

That's all that's happened in our month of April. That's certainly enough, isn't it? I'm ready for Kid's Day Out to be done and we can get into our routine of being together everyday. We're ready for our summer together!

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