Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Saying "Goodbye" to KDO

Last Friday was the girls last day at Bartlett United Methodist Church's Kid's Day Out program. We have been blessed by this wonderful group of ladies for 2+ years. It was definitely a bittersweet day for this mama as we said, "goodbye" to them. They've been so caring and loving to each of our girls. I definitely had a moment not long before I picked them up from school. I know that everyone eventually leaves this program but we're leaving in such a different way than most. My girls aren't moving up to the preschool program like most or all the kids are doing. We are leaving this program to pursue their education at home (but that's a story for another day). 

Ms. Debbie and Naomi

Ms. Linda and Naomi

Naomi and her "best friend" G.
She talked about this little boy often and when I asked her a few weeks ago who
she liked to play with his name came up. And not long after that she said he was her "best friend." Talk about heart melting. :) I had to get their picture together.

Ms. Angela, Nyla and Ms. Gretchen

Nyla and Dellia
Dellia is Ms. Angela's daughter who would stay and play quite a few times when Nyla was there.
They became fast friends and Nyla wanted her picture taken with her.

We have so many great memories from this wonderful place. Nyla started out in the summer of 2012 and was in Debbie and Linda's class. She was in the 2 year old class last year with Ms. Evelyn and Ms. Tracy and loved them, too. And now she leaves the 3 year old class. It's pretty crazy to think of her in the class Naomi is in now. They grow up so fast!
Naomi started out last summer in Debbie and Linda's class and was in there all this year. She loved both of them so much and looked forward to going to see them. She never had any issues walking into her class and sometimes barely said "bye" to me.

"Goodbye" for now KDO teachers and friends. We'll be back to visit when Natalie comes, per your request. :) Thanks for the love you gave to each of my girls. I know that each time they stepped through your doors they would be loved and cared for and this mama didn't have to worry about a thing. Thanks for that!

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