Sunday, May 18, 2014

Menu Plan Monday: May 19-25

Happy Sunday to y'all!
We spent the morning at our sweet church worshipping our God. The music team was rocking the house today. There was even a banjo played today. It was pretty awesome!

Daniel and I just finished our leftover fajita lunches and now we're enjoying the quiet of the house while the girls nap. This pregnant mama might not be too far behind. :) I've got to take advantage while I can with the whole sleep thing.

Before I nap, I figure I'd share my menu with you for the week. I've been much better about planning our meals lately. I guess that comes with more energy in the second trimester. I'm still staying away from sourdough recipes and Jason's deli. I have no idea why but those are the two things that are completely unappealing during this pregnancy. We all have our dislikes, right?!

My menu planning has gotten better since I'm planning monthly, for the most part. I print off a basic, monthly template for the month and plan at least every two weeks. Sometimes I'll move on and fill in spaces here and there for the rest of the month. I like the view of this better than anything else I've tried. I feel like at a glance it's just better for me. And I can hang this on our fridge and we can all see what's for dinner. Whatever works is what I'm all for during this time in my life.

Monday- pretzel honey mustard chicken {new}, brown rice and vegetables

Tuesday- lasagna leftovers (I have a Bible study tonight)

Wednesday- club sandwiches, chips and fruit or yogurt

Thursday- layered enchilada bake leftovers

Friday- pizza

Saturday- dinner with Gigi?? TBD

Sunday- dinner with my parents?? TBD

That's our menu for the week. If we don't have dinner with our families, we'll have something easy, like leftovers or sandwiches.

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