Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Strawberry Picking

Yesterday, the girls and I went strawberry picking after Kid's Day Out. We have a couple local farms in the area that have "pick your own" strawberries each Spring season. The one I'm most familiar with is nearest the Farmers Market we frequent. 

Off we went to the strawberry field. We chatted the whole way about what the field would look like and what the process entailed. They were very excited the entire ride to the strawberry field.

Here are a few pictures from our big day!

Nyla girl loved picking the strawberries

I was a little concerned Naomi wouldn't get that she needed to pick the juicy, red and ripe strawberries but with a little guidance and reminding a couple times, she got it.

Nyla was extremely focused on her task of filling her bucket. She sat down quite a few times in some different spots and picked all around her. She was totally into it. Today, she asked to go back. No one was allowed to fill her bucket but her. :)  

Naomi did a great job filling her bucket. I filled mine pretty quick and helped her but only a little bit. 

Our haul! It was $13 per white bucket and the guy said he'd give me the green one, usually $4, if I just gave him $40, we'd call it even. I was down with that! 

I washed them all and put them on my pans in a single layer so the weight of the top ones wouldn't crush the bottom ones, if they stayed in the bucket. Today is baking day in my home. Tomorrow I'll post on a few items I made from only half the strawberries!
Do you have any local "pick your own" places that you go to each year?

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