Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Wisdom Wednesday: Finding the Time

I struggle with finding the time to spend my own moments with God. Anyone else? I mean, we're all busy with life, raising kids, working, cooking, etc.

But then I wonder is it really time or lack of want to? Maybe it's just me, but I hear so few people talk about their struggles to actually sit down with God each day and spend time with Him. I mostly hear that people are doing it. But are we really? I'm not.

I have my alarm set to 6:20 am Monday through Friday. This alarm is set for me to get up, go downstairs and actually spend time in the Word and in prayer. Alas, I've silenced my alarm for the past 7 days, rolled over and gone back to sleep. Ouch! That hurts to actually write that out and see my laziness. I'm not really tired. It's just that initial "got to get up and get moving" that's the hardest for me. Someone please tell me they are like that too?

I know it's a process, a life-long process. I try not to beat myself up if I don't get up all 5 days but not getting up at all during those 5 days is unacceptable, for me at least.

Do you struggle to "find" time to read God's Word? If so, what have you done to prevent your struggle?

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SparingChange said...

No, you're not the only one! I am very inconsistent with my time with God. There are times that I drive to work (1 hour each way) and talk to Him. Other times, I try to read a passage in my Yearly Bible (which I'm still on April, by the way!!). It is a constant struggle. But you are thinking about it, and it is in the forefront of your mind. You can do this, I know you can. I'm praying for you!

Ginny Gafford said...

I'm praying for you Meg!