Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Gratituesday: Healthier Living

This week God has been teaching me about healthy eating and weight loss. He's been laying it on me for awhile now but I've been blind and stubborn and haven't wanted to see it.

I was an athlete growing up and always moving. I played Varsity basketball in high school and ran cross country. After my sports ended I continued the same, unhealthy eating habits without the exercise. Needless to say I gained 15 pounds pretty quickly. I lost that weight about 4 months later and kept it off for a good year. Since then I've gained and gained and gained, in my mind at least.

Over the past 3 years my husband and I have been on a weight loss/maintenance journey. To date, he's lost approximately 50 pounds and kept it off. I'm so proud of his accomplishment! He's such an encourager and inspiration for me to keep at it. To date I've been up and down but I have kept 20 pounds off that I lost in 2009. Since that 20 pound loss I've had 2 babies (July 2010 and November 2011), gained quite a bit with each one but have lost all the baby weight in a quick amount of time. Since Naomi (baby #2) I've struggled getting back in it. Daniel has continued to stay on track with his eating goals and see loss on the sale each week. He's continued to be an encouragement. I still struggle to find the time and motivation to go for a walk or do an exercise video. It's more to do with priorities though, as most of life is.

I started reading Candace Cameron Bure's book, Reshaping It All about 4 days ago and I'm loving it! Not only is she including her healthy tips but she's putting God into the weight loss equation. How many times have I started something and left God out of it? Too many! Reading her book has inspired me to seek Him in this journey, just as I would anything else I'm taking on. I highly suggest this book if you're looking for some inspiration on your weight loss or maintenance journey.

I'm also loving the blogs I'm reading about healthy eating, organic foods and making things from scratch. I've been making a lot of our foods from scratch for the past 3 years now but I've been doing it more out of the money-saving aspect. I'm now seeing how great it is in losing and maintaining weight. Making our foods from scratch is so much better than store bought. I can control what we put into our bodies, our temples for God. And I want my body to be God's temple.

So today is a new day! I'm taking my knowledge and love of food and I'm using it in a positive way and not the negative way that I've done for so many years. I'm learning to prioritize life at home raising two girls. I want to be here for my family. I want to be healthy for me and my family. And by doing that I have to concentrate on exercising more and eating a little less. It's possible for me to lose 1 pound a week, so I'm ready for my new, healthier journey to begin. And I'll keep God first while I'm at it!

What has God done in your life this week?

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The Atwoods said...

This was so encouraging to read Ginny...I esp. loved your question, "How many times have I started something and left God out?" That could be applied to SO many areas in our lives! Thanks for being so honest and sharing your journey with us!