Thursday, December 2, 2010

2010 Christmas Wish List

I've been reading a lot of wish lists this year for gifts and I thought I'd join the fun!

Here are my top 10 wants: (in no particular order)

1. A new waffle maker. I love waffles! And we do breakfast frequently in this house, so it makes sense. We have one now, but I'd like to get a bigger one and just update what we have.

2. New cookware set. I like this one and this one and this one (I'm addicted to green stuff right now). I've had our set since we've been married (almost 3 years), which isn't very long, but I'm ready for something a little nicer than what we have. I was conscientious of being frugal on our wedding registry, I just chose that route of picking less pricey items. And now that I cook every night, I want a set that's nicer and more durable. I also want something that is oven safe. And a dream would be something that is dishwasher safe too. I HATE washing my pots and pans in the sink. It's annoying.

3. Hey, it's a wish list. I want this!

4. Corningware set. I've wanted a set for a bit, but have continued to go back and forth as to whether I really want it. So I'll just add it to the wish list.

5. Yep, we've wanted a juicer in this house for a long time. And this is the one.

6. A new toaster oven, just not sure which one. Suggestions?

7. A bread maker. Mine died this week, sad!!! This is the one I had and it was great because it was free! A girlfriend at church gave me hers a little over a year ago. I was looking to borrow one and try it out to see if I'd use it enough and she said I could have hers because she never used it. I just hate the thought of needing a new one because the good ones aren't cheap.

8. Yes, I want a fryer. Yes, I know fried foods aren't great for you. But, there are a few things I'd like to make from time to time and frying on the stove top just is gross. The grease flying everywhere and then the clean-up, no thanks!

9. Another mixing bowl for my stand mixer. I have one but I'd like another since I bake frequently.

Well, that's my top 10. As you have noticed most of the wanted items are for the kitchen. It is my favorite room in the house and I want to spend most of my time in there. Somedays that happens and others not so much. I do have an almost 5 month old, that would be why. But that is okay. I'd just like updated kitchen stuff and new stuff too, so when I'm able to get in there and cook I have everything I need. :)

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erin said...

Haha, I love that you threw a car on your list. I would love that, too. I also would love some new cookware, but I ended up picking out new dishes for us to use, and I'm really excited about them. We've only had our other ones for 3.5 years, but they were starting to chip, and they're heavy and unmanageable, so I found a Corelle pattern I really like and got enough for a 12-place setting.