Thursday, December 16, 2010

Angel Baby

My sweet baby girl was an angel this past Sunday at church. The children are starting to put on a Christmas program each year and the preschool/nursery come in for a couple of songs and play a nativity. My sweet girl got to be an angel in this year's nativity, her natural role. :)

We were afraid she wouldn't do very well, with few naps and all the people, but she did great. She got a little fussy right before we went in and once for about 10 seconds when we were sitting up there, but I called her name and that helped. She just needed to see Mommy's face.

Her are some pictures of her big stage debut! :)

Baby Jesus was played by a sweet friend's little boy, Knox. He's 2 months older than Nyla and he did great too. His Momma was worried he'd freak out too, but our babies did wonderful!

Smiling at her people!

For her costume, she wore all white and the Preschool Director covered and exersaucer with all white and made big cardboard wings and attached them to the exersaucer, along with the halo so Nyla wouldn't have to wear them and bug her. It was so sweet. She was sitting on top of boxes behind baby Jesus so everyone could see her. It was so fun!

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