Sunday, August 25, 2013

Menu Plan Monday-August 26

Y'all, it's been forever since I've done a Menu Plan Monday post! I've still been planning our meals they just haven't made it onto the blog. Raising two girls keeps me busier than I ever imagined. :)

I've been reading Nourishing Traditions  and it's changing my thinking of what we put into our bodies. It's A LOT to take in and will take me reading it a few times to really grasp all the information. It's more than a cookbook and much like a workbook full of good information. There are over 700 recipes as well as tons of information about eating real food. Real food is food that grows in fields and on trees, comes from animals and food we can recognize. This book has brought my focus back to making more from scratch using real butter, real fruits and vegetables, whole grains, real eggs, real meat, etc. I know I'll still eat junk and processed foods but if 95% of the time we can eat real food, that would be great!

Another book I bought back in the Spring, that I really love, is by Laura of Heavenly Homemakers, Oh, For Real: Real Food, Real Family, Real Easy. She uses much of Nourishing Traditions suggestions on real food but it's MUCH easier to understand. She's hilarious, love shortcuts in the kitchen but not at the expense of good food, has 4 boys that she home schools and has beautiful freezers stocked full of goodies! I've been a follower of her blog for quite a few years now and she makes me laugh out loud at her posts a few times a week. She's real and knows we're all strapped for time in the kitchen. Read her blog, you won't be disappointed. And buy her book, too. It's awesome!

Anyways, enough of that. I think you'll see more of our real food adventures in the future. On to the menu plan for the week. I have way too much food in our freezers and I'm trying to clean out so we're working on what my mama calls "old" food. :)

Monday- bbq chicken baked potatoes

Tuesday- italian chicken sandwiches, whole wheat burger buns, vegetables

Wednesday- lasagna and whole wheat breadsticks

Thursday-pancakes and bacon

Friday-pizza (I've found a new pizza sauce recipe and it's the best ever! I'll share it soon.)

Saturday- lunch: convenience meals
                dinner: turkey burgers

Sunday- lunch: sandwiches
              dinner: week's leftovers

I'm still following my breakfast menu for the girls and me, for the most part. As for lunches we eat leftovers, sandwiches, noodles, cheese, fruit. It depends on what's in the fridge and since the girls are older and a little more vocal, I let them choose a little more.

What's cooking in your kitchen this week?


SparingChange said...

I'm a little late in responding, but we've had hamburgers (they are excellent wrapped in lettuce with tomato and ketchup), corn on the cob, chicken basil meatloaf, spicy chicken sausage, chicken cordon bleu, watermelon. We are trying to get more fiber in our diet right now to help lower hubby's cholesterol, so we have been making and eating homemade oatmeal bread which uses oatmeal, oat flour and almond flour, water, EVOO & a little honey. It is delicious. The problem: we eat an entire (small) loaf in one sitting. :-)
Your menu plan looks delicious!

Ginny Gafford said...

How do you like cooking with almond flour? I've been wanting to try it but I don't want to pay $8 for a small bag and hate it! Would you sub 1 for 1 to ww flour?
in everything! :)
Thanks for sharing your menu, it sounds delish!!

SparingChange said...

I am going to be honest with you, I've been TRYING to cook with almond flour for a little while now, but not with the best results. Almond flour tends to make the recipe super-dense. So, if a recipe calls for 1 cup flour, I use 1/4C almond and 3/4C oat flour. I'm not sure how whole wheat compares to oat flour, but this ratio has been working well for us. I'm sorry I couldnt be of any help on this. :-) (And yes, almond flour is expensive! But it lasts for a long time. We are still on the same 5 lb bag I bought last October.)