Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Our School/Playroom 2013

Since our girls are only 3 and 21 months, our room is more of a playroom than a school room. And that's a good thing! 

In March, we moved into a bigger home and we are blessed to have a separate room for our playroom/school room. Yes, the toys still get taken into all the rooms downstairs but they are mostly contained in the playroom. This is good for my sanity!

You can see how we use our room in this picture, toys!

When you walk in, to the left, this is what you see. I just moved our shelving units together so all our "stuff" can be right next to one another. The white mesh shelves I've had for a long time. In our old house they were split into 6 and 6 and placed in our closets for storage. Now, they hold out of rotation books and toys, as well as in rotation toys, which is what the majority of the boxes are. I recently labeled them all so I know where everything goes. The boxes hold dress up shoes, jewelry, dress-up clothes, blocks, musical instruments, hats, birthday hats and CD's. The buckets on top are from the Dollar Tree and hold craft supplies, play doh and play doh toys and flash cards. The big metal shelf in the corner I bought at Target after we moved in. It holds (from top to bottom) extra craft supplies, the girls "work boxes" (these hold coloring books, basic art supplies, books, paper, workbooks; stuff to keep them busy for awhile) and our craft organizer, puzzles, our farm and animals and our doll house and basket of books in rotation.
To the right is the table and chairs the girls sit at. Above that is the calendar I just got done making. It's so cute and I love it. It's helping Nyla with what day of the month and day of the week it is. I know this will come into play more as the years go by.

This wall holds our US map and our twine with clips to hold the girls artwork. The top is Nyla's area and the bottom is Naomi's. I recently cleaned this off and we're starting over. :)

If you keep moving to the right you'll find the girls kitchen/food prep area. I think this area gets the most use right now; they love to cook!
The chalkboard above is where I write our Bible verse for the week.

And that's our playroom. There's not a whole lot going on as I've taken a lot of stuff off the walls and cleaned our the toys recently. It was too much and driving this minimalist crazy! Plus, I want to make more room to play "school" with the girls, which they love. It'll be fun to see how our room changes shape over the coming years!

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Rachel @ Intentionally Simple said...

Love the playroom!! It looks very organized and like a fun space to play in!

Stefanie said...

Such a sweet and girlie room. Beautiful! My girls would love it. Our school room, however, is a very pale blue. lol Matched better to all of our Ikea bins. lol

Popping in from the blog hop.

SparingChange said...

I love the colors! What a wonderful space for you and the girls! :-)

Ginny Gafford said...

Rachel, its somewhat organized! :)
I've changed the layout since we've moved in. I think this will work well for a learning area and a bigger play space.

Stefanie, thanks my girls do love it! We have lots of fun playing and learning in our space. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Meg, thanks! I decided to go with an accent wall instead of all pink walls. This is actually the formal living room and the first room you see when you walk in the front door. I didn't want it to be "boom pink" as soon as people walked in. I think it's worked well for us.