Friday, July 13, 2012

2 Years of Nyla

It's really hard to believe that our sweet girl Nyla is now two years old. As I reflect back on two years of having her around, there are a lot of moments that come to mind. With that, here are some good (and even bad) moments.

-Her birth. The one moment that I still think about to this day and will for the rest of my life. She had just been taken over to the "cleaning station" to get wrapped up in a blanket and all the other things done to newborns. She was upset, as one could expect going from warm, dark, and wet to cold, bright, and actually breathing air. I was standing there, just waiting to hold her, when I said, "Hi, Nyla." At that point, Nyla stopped crying and turned her head toward me. (More proof for moms and dads to talk their child in the womb.) Soon after, I got to hold her for the first time, and my world was forever changed.

-Sleep troubles. By no means was our girl a terrible sleeper, but that first week at home she threw us for a loop one day, basically staying wake for 9 or 10 hours. Talk about confusion! Thank goodness my cousin's wife provided words of wisdom to guide us through. She quickly became a fairly good sleeper, until she was 5 months, when she all of a sudden woke up between 2-4am. Not knowing any better, we would give her a bottle. Again, my cousin's wife came to rescue and said, "If you could wake up in the middle of the night, get snuggles, and some warm chocolate cake from your favorite person, and get cooed back to sleep, wouldn't you?" Now she is an excellent, only occasionally stirring at night from what I assume is a bad dream.

-Milestones. First smile. First laugh. First crawl. First steps. Those are the usual big milestones. I also think about her first road trip to see her great-grandparents in Georgia when she was about 3 months old. She did great on the car ride there and back. (Of course, Daddy in the backseat with her helped, or so I tell myself.) I remember her very first bath after we brought her home. I remember my first experience of being thrown up on by her. First shots. First time in my mom's swimming pool. All of these milestones. So much fun. (Even the throw up.)

-Her laugh. I love her laugh. I love tickling her to uncontrollable laughter. One of my favorites now is when she gets herself laughing at seemingly nothing. If she does something silly with her lovey or animal, she'll just start laughing about it, which in turn causes me to laugh at it. Nyla giggles and Naomi giggles are the best sounds in the world.

-Her love and our love. Let me just say this - I love both our girls equally. I don't have a favorite. But the love I have for Nyla is different than the love I have for Naomi. I guess unless you have more than one, this will be difficult to understand. I'll try to explain. Nyla is our first child. She's the one we're going through all of these new experiences with. We're cutting our parenting teeth on her. Each milestone she hits is our first milestone as well. The love I have for her is different, not better, than my love for Naomi. Nyla and I have spent several nights rocking and singing in her chair. We've spent time playing in the floor, the bed, the shower, the pool. She has taught me more about love in the last two years than any Sunday lesson or sermon ever will. One of my favorite things currently is when I pull into our carport, the side door swings open, and Nyla runs as fast as her little legs will take her to my door. That's love.

Nyla is our sweet girl. We wouldn't her to be anyone else, or anyone else's.


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ERKM said...

Happy birthday to your sweet baby!