Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Having a Baby Makes Blogging Hard...

I've come to the realization that being a full time wife and mother makes my blogging, well, not really happen a lot of weeks. Sorry about that. I'm trying to keep my sanity most days and blogging just doesn't come as easy these days.

I've made a goal for 2011 to blog twice a week. I feel like that's all I can do right now. Between taking care of the baby girl, keeping up with the piles and piles of laundry and all the other housework, cooking dinner, visiting family, spending time with Hubby, keeping up with my Bible studies, trying to read other books and picking up all the stuff that having a family brings, blogging is last. I do hate that. I love to write. I love to post recipes. I love to have this blogging outlet.

Lately, I've struggled with keeping up with everything. Lately I've struggled with who I am now. Wife? Mother? Housekeeper? Cook? Friend? Daughter? Sister? Yes to all and so much more. I wear so many hats these days. I am tired a lot. I love my life. But I'm tired. I'm frustrated. I have no time for myself. When I get a free moment I'm picking up stuff and cooking.

But I'll figure it all out. I have a wonderful support system. I have a loving husband and a wonderful family who is more than willing to help out when they can. And they do, very often.

Blogging will come back to me. It just takes time. I cook 5 times a week so it's not like I don't have recipes to post. But I cook and I want to eat, not take pictures and worry about posting stuff. But I'll be back. I know I've been saying that lately. But blogging is an outlet for me and I need an outlet. A place for me to talk and express myself. I've made some friends through blogging and it's time to keep up with it all.

Thanks for being here. Thanks for your patience.

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