Sunday, January 5, 2014

Menu Plan: January 6-12

The first full week of January is upon us and it just seems crazy to write that out!
Time really does fly by the older you get. Yikes!

One of my 2014 goals is to blog 2 times a week. That seems simple enough to most but actually being intentional about it is hard for me. It's not that I don't love blogging but really and truly making the time to do it isn't on the top of my list. Sorry if that seems harsh, but it's the truth and I'm trying to be real. My girls are only this little for a short time and I don't want to blog more than 2 times a week. I want to be with them. :)

So, since one of my goals is to blog 2 times a week and I want to make it even easier on myself I'm going to blog my menu plan every week. Not only because I love menu planning and it's the easiest blog to post, but also so my man can check out what we're having and he doesn't have to ask me everyday. :) Plus, I have quite a few people tell me they like to see what we're eating for dinners and what's new in my kitchen. So here goes... first menu plan of 2014!

b: eggs with baked goods
l: KDO-noodles, cheese, pepperoni's, fruit
d: sweet and sour chicken, brown rice, steamed broccoli

b: pancakes and bacon
l: grilled cheese or mini pizza
d: stretch the budget: leftovers (read more of this idea here)

b: oatmeal or cereal, fruit
l: peanut butter sandwich, fruit
d: mexican lasagna

b: omelets or egg sandwich
l: leftovers from last night
d: ravioli lasagna, salad and bread

b: eggs with baked goods
l: KDO-noodles, cheese, pepperoni's, fruit
d: cheesy chicken and rice casserole

b: special day-I make a fun breakfast since I have more time (i.e. donuts, waffles, danish)
l: leftovers from Thursday night
d: breakfast: sourdough waffles and bacon

b: something from the freezer since it's church day
l: peanut butter sandwich, fruit (in the car on the way home)
d: leftovers from the week

Is there anything new cooking in your kitchen this week?

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