Thursday, January 2, 2014

January 2014 Goals

This year I've set some actual goals for myself. In the past I've set some goals but didn't really put much thought into them, etc. I just wrote to write something. Does that make sense? I never followed through and this year may be no different but I'm hopeful. I've typed them up and printed them off and tacked it to the fridge and it's in my planner (which I carry around all the time with me). So, I'm putting into action. It won't be perfect and I won't beat myself up but I have some very attainable goals, not too lofty, that will help me be a better version of me, with God's help. I will pray over my goals all year and adjust them as needed. I did write out some basic yearly goals that I can adjust monthly (you'll see what I mean below).

I've had some help with my goals. I've talked it out with Daniel, had him look over them and he knows where I stand. I know he'll support me in them. I've also used Cornerstone Confessions as a bit of a guide for my goals this year. I also like her post on Forming New Habits. It goes into a bit more depth on the S.M.A.R.T. goals and what it means.
I also like, How to change your life by setting goals by Money Saving Mom.

Without further ado, here are my January 2014 goals...


As a wife:
date night with Daniel 1x

As a mom:
read Little House on the Prairie to the girls during lunch
read to the girls a minimum of 30 minutes a day
memorize 1 Bible verse a week, using AWANA as our guide
craft 1x a week

As a daughter/sister:
dinner and a movie with my sister at her house 2x
dinner with my parents 1x
movie date with Mom and Sister 1x (this could also be a painting class or just a get-together)


Spiritual Growth:
memorize 1 scripture per week (see above)
complete Jen Hatmaker's Seven Bible study
participate in women's circle

Physical Health:
pilates 3x a week
purchase Trim Healthy Mama book and implement some lifestyle changes in my life
weigh in and take measurements on January 1

Mental Health:
read 3 books (I have already picked out my 3 books for each month through May, it helps me stay focused)
Cold Tangerines (reading now)
Called Home
Quiet (I purchased this back in September and have yet to finish it, even though it's a great book!)

Home Management:

Upkeep and Organization:
clean baseboards, upstairs and downstairs
pull out washer and dryer and clean under and behind them
organize office desk and office closet (it's a big ol mess)

revamp our 2014 grocery budget
revamp our 2014 budget (D got a new job in early December and we need to budget anyways)


blog 2x a week

look into adopting a child from Compassion International
invite a couple/family over for dinner 2x

This seems like a lot at first glance but the more I look at the more I realize I just need to manage my time better during the day. Thankfully, the girls still take naps during the day and I can utilize my time better during their naps. I usually sit down on the couch and watch Amazon Prime during nap but I achieve nothing by doing that. I need to be finishing laundry for the day, prepping dinner and strengthening my mind muscles. :)

I've decided to divide the nap time up and become more productive. I get roughly 2 hours of naps from them, from Nyla at least, so I've decided to do the following: 30 minutes-prep dinner, finish up daily chores (i.e. laundry, sweep kitchen), 30 minutes/1 hour-Bible study (see above) and read and 30 minutes/1 hour-rest or actually nap. Y'all, I'm not a napper unless I'm sick or just completely exhausted. The last couple of weeks I've found myself napping a bit more and I feel so good after getting up from it. Daniel's work hours are longer than we're used to and it's nice feeling refreshed after my nap since I'm with the girls by myself longer these days (he used to get home at 3:30 now it's more like 5 or after).

I guess the thing for me with these goals is to be flexible and pray a lot over them. They may look different year-end because God lays something new on my heart. I want to be open and flexible to change. Sometimes, I can be rigid with schedules and such. :( That's the organizer in me. It's hard for me to see past my list!

This brings me to the final thought: our word of the year. I struggled to come up with my own word and had quite a few floating around in my head but nothing really stuck. Daniel told me his word last night: ENJOY. I immediately loved the word. And thought it not only fit him but me and us as a family. We are going to enjoy the girls being little (since it's such a short time), the food we eat (in moderation), the budget we set for ourselves, being a little more frugal, saving more, being with family, hosting more dinners here, the downtime we have, the games we play and whatever comes our way. We are going to ENJOY each day we're given. Isn't that what life is about? Enjoying it?

Do you have a word for 2014 or a Bible verse for the year?
Do you set goals and stick with them?


SparingChange said...

I'm exhausted just reading your goals! But I know you can accomplish them! And I love your word of the year. I am inspired.

Ginny Gafford said...

I know they're crazy, right?? I don't feel overwhelmed when I look at them though. I'm just taking it day by day and seeing what happens. I'm into my book and my Bible reading. I've done 1 morning of pilates and will really start on Monday morning. The girls and I already love to read so those goals aren't an issue. Date night won't be a problem nor will spending time with my mama. I already do a lot of this stuff, it's just really being intentional with it all and completing it. Follow through is what I'm not great at but this is to get me there! Enjoy and be intentional! :)