Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Beautiful Chaos

Brunch with my parents Sunday morning

Christmas Eve at Gigi's
She's baking us a cake in her mixer

Naomi at Gigi's, making a silly face

The teepee we got the girls

Christmas morning at my parents house

Christmas has been overwhelming to me in the past 6 years. But I try not to look at it as overwhelming, not anymore at least.

See, I grew up with just my parents and sister in town. Our Christmases included presents, breakfast, relaxing and then a movie later on in the day. And maybe some of our grandparents would come for Christmas on the occasional year.

Now, six years later I've just completed my fifth Christmas of the week. Yes, five! Friday night we had dinner with the Gafford's, Christmas Eve was with my MIL, then Christmas with our family of 4 later on that day, Christmas morning with my parents and Christmas evening with the Whitehorn extended family (my MIL's family). And the extended family functions aren't small, the grandparents all had 5 children and then all those kids have kids and those kids are having kids (the great-grandchildren now). If you're exhausted from just reading it, I totally understand!

Last year was really hard for me. We'd made the decision to start paring down our belongings and then Christmas came along and we all got more stuff. Thankfully, I'm fairly strict about the "one in, one out" rule so as to not be so overwhelmed.

This year I had a good attitude and looked at it as "beautiful chaos." Let's be honest, Christmas time can be utter chaos but instead of looking at it like that, I took a positive approach and made it "beautiful" instead.

"Beautiful chaos" means enjoying the special moment when Nyla lights up about a certain present. It's about Naomi opening her first presents and trying to get the hang of opening things. It's being surrounded by loving family who are so giving. It's about sitting next to my husband as present-opening is happening and showing one another what the girls got. It's about enjoying the moments of our girls being this age for just today; they'll be one day older tomorrow and one year older at the next Christmas. This piece of their life is so short to us.

Instead of looking at it as we got more "stuff" and getting bogged down in that negative feeling I enjoyed our "beautiful chaos" this weekend.

Merry Christmas!

Working puzzles at my parents

A few of the grandchildren and great grandchildren Christmas night

Nyla got a tricycle from Gigi and she had to ride it immediately!

We started a tradition in our home this year. I made a cake and we sang
"happy birthday" to Jesus.

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The Atwoods said...

So glad you had a merry Christmas! :) The girls look like they really enjoyed themselves!