Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ode to Pens

Erin asked what is the one thing I couldn't live without and use on a regular basis?

My answers is simply pens. It became more of an obsession than anything. It probably all started when I would go out shopping with my dad who I affectionately call "Sir."

I'm a "quality time" person. If you've read The Five Love Languages you'll get where there title comes from. I love spending time with the ones I love. If you want to show me love then spend time with me b/c thats when I feel most loved. Anyways, Sir and I would go on our usual weekly or biweekly Wal-Mart runs to spend time together. He would dance up and down the aisle embarassing me as dads do, but it was okay with me. I loved him for it. And still do. I love school supplies, I always have. As the school days quickly approached I would start early shopping for my supplies. I knew what I liked and what suited me. We would walk the aisles aimlessly looking at things and just talking. Then we would come to school supplies. Oh those beautiful aisles filled and stacked with love and least to me. I could literally spend hours on those few aisles that housed what I thought to be the best product a store could offer. I would gaze into the brightness of the colorful papers and notebook colors. I would pick my favorite 3 pronged folders where I could store my writings and pick a pack of pens and pencils that would get me through most of the year. As you can see I had a true obsession for school supplies.

Then one day I met this boy named Daniel. I didn't know his love of pens and notebooks was as strong as mine but when I finally learned his secret it made me smile on the inside. Someone finally shared the love I had of pens. Nowadays you can find us in Wal-Mart of Target walking around with big smiles on our faces. You know where we're headed when you see us. The pen aisle. Too bad there isn't more than one aisle I usually think. Too bad people don't like them as much as we do then maybe there would be an entire store devoted to pens. I usually have to be strong and walk away from the aisle for fear of buying more pens I don't need and adding to my giant collection. I pull Daniel away and tell him we don't need anymore. He usually protests but gives in and we walk away. The deal with us is if I buy some he can have some more. Well I usually give in and buy some so he gets some too. I think he might even have more than me, if you can believe it. Sometimes we're even super nice to one another and buy one another some pens. Its great! Our love of pens is quite funny actually.

I now have so many pens that I have one of those plastic shoe boxes devoted to my pens and pencils. "Simply amazing," I think as I open my closet door to see my collection. I pull at the box and open it. I run my fingers over the wonderful pens looking at all I have. "I want more," I think, "but I don't need them." I usually give in and get some more but I try my best not to.

And now for a little poetry on pens:

Oh you wonderful pens

How you sparkle and shine

Your wonderful colors and super fine points

How I love to hold you on the tips of my fingers

And watch you write in true beauty

I use you for everything;

lists for shopping, sermon notes, journal writings,

underline favorite quotes in my books.

The list goes on and on as does your ink

You never seem to let me down no matter how much I write

Thank you for your faithfulness and always being there when I want more.

So here it is, my love and obsession of pens. As you can see its quite long and we have a history together. Maybe I'll do something on notebooks next time since that is my next favorite school supply.



erin said...

A kindred spirit!! I LOVE pens. They make me so happy. Gel pens are my absolute favorite, and I have to restrain myself every time I'm in a store because I always want to buy more. My friends have even given me pens as presents because they know how much I love them. I'm glad someone else shares my love. :)

Ginny said...

OH i LOVE pens...Daniel does too, maybe more than me. Gel are my favorite. My favorite favorite pens are the Pilot G-2 extra fine point, black only. They write so good. I love notepads too. I just ordered some notepads the other day from that you can personalize. I got "The Gaffords" put on them so Daniel and I could use them at our place. So much fun! I love my new name already and I don't even have it yet, lol.

erin said...

The Pilot G-2s are my favorites as well, but I love the colored ones. They're perfect for grading papers. (Sadly, that's a huge consideration for me when buying pens.)

Ginny said...

If i had to grade papers the colored ones would be my favs too, but since thats not the case, black is fine with me. I bought Daniel some colored ones and he loves them. They're in his bible notebook and he uses them every sunday when writing in his notebooks. Ah wonderful pens, what would we do without them? LOL