Monday, August 27, 2007

Ode to Notebooks...

As you can see I'm at work and bored to tears (literally since my eyes are watering from my sickness).
Well I did an "Ode to Pens" and said I would do one on notebooks so here it is people, at long last it has arrived...
You glorious notebooks

you take my breath away.

You have so many blank pages

waiting to be filled.

You yearn for some attention

And I gladly give it to you.

I love the way your pages turn

and how easy it is to write on you.

You have wonderful colors and shapes and designs

You make it so hard to choose which one I'll write in next.

But how you've loved me through the years

I find it hard not to have so many

That's probably why I have a room of notebooks

And room for nothing else.

Thank you notebooks for your continuous love and support.

I'll always be back to write in you some

no matter how long its been since my last entry.

Yeah...I love notebooks, as if you couldn't tell that by my long poem on the subject.
What can I say? I absolutely love them. After writing that I'm wondering if my love of pens or notebooks is greater? Interesting really. I don't know the answer. While I don't have half as many notebooks as I do pens I still love them. Pens are easier to store anyways, that's why I have more. I have a basket full of wonderful, colorful, delicious notebooks. Look at me I'm calling the notebooks delicious. I have a real problem here, I think I need help, lol.
Any who, if anyone out there is like me, let me know.


Daniel said...

Notebooks better not be more popular in your heart than me! And yeah, I think you are a little delirious if you're calling notebooks delicious! I thought I was delicious (to look at)!

erin said...

Which came first, the notebook or the pen? :)

Ginny said...

Hmmm...I don't know which one could've come first...its hard to say. Maybe just paper, not notebooks cuz they could've found anything to write on, but then again I'd think pens came first b/c people could write on anything but they needed ink to do that, who knows? Its a tough one. I'll look into it.