Monday, April 1, 2013

Saying Goodbye to our "Old" House

Almost one month ago we left our "old" home and moved to our "new" home. It was a bittersweet couple of days. I didn't cry the day we moved, I was too busy and I think that was a good thing. The following Thursday the four of us went to clean our outside closet and after we were done and looking around inside one last time I lost it. It was harder leaving than I thought it would be. I love our new home and we've all adjusted well and we have so much more room but I still think about our little house. It's the first home Daniel and I bought together, we brought both girls home from the hospital to that house, learned to be parents a first and second time and filled that home with love. I know I'll think of that house often and I'm thankful for the wonderful memories I have of it.

Below are some pictures I took during our last few days at our "old" house. Sweet memories!

The girls have the best time playing together. They enjoy making these chairs into a train. 

Naomi is trying her hand at play-doh for the first. It went well for about 5 minutes then she put it in her mouth. And got it in her teeth. And all over her hands. We'll try again another time. :)

Naomi loves pushing Nyla on her tricycle. She's pretty good at pushing by herself too. Sweetie pies!

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