Monday, April 7, 2014

We Love the Outside!

Y'all, it's finally warm around here and has been for the last 10 days or so and we've been soaking it up every minute of everyday. :)
I was going to stir crazy at the end of February and early March. Between pregnancy blues and exhaustion and being stuck inside. all. day. everyday. Ugh. I'm more than happy to have the warmth back again. Now, I'm sure I'll change my tune come July and August when I'm very pregnant and it's 100 degrees. Of course, I'm praying for no 100 degree days like we had last summer. Hey, a girl can dream, right?!

Zoo trip from this past Tuesday. These cheesy grins crack me up.

Getting ready to blow bubbles!

Naomi loves the dirt. And she loves playing in the dirt in her skirt. She lies in it, rubs her hands in it and rubs it on her face. She got up after this and said, "that's nasty," then got right back in it! :)

Pushing her shopping cart.
"I cool dude in my sunglasses."

Nyla loves petting the donkey at the zoo. She's come a long way from even wanting to get near it!

How are you enjoying the weather where you are? Is it finally warm or are you still seeking the warmth?

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Saturday Morning Snuggles

We love our quiet Saturday mornings around here!
Getting the girls off to Kid's Day Out (KDO) 2 times a week, packing lunches, zoo trips, play dates with friends and cooking dinner each night, I'm more than happy to welcome Saturday. 
We love to climb into our big bed and snuggle together, even if it's only for 5 minutes.

How do you enjoy your Saturday mornings?

Thursday, April 3, 2014

At Our Home: March

The month of March at our home has proven to be rather adventurous. But, I guess, most months with two kids 3 and under are going to turn out that way!

We've had a very cold winter for living in the South. Too many days where we were stuck inside for days at a time. This pregnant mama didn't take it too well toward the end of February. I was feeling nauseous and worn out from pregnancy #3 and not being able to get out and get exercise...ugh! I try not to complain about the weather because we get what we get but I had it with the cold! Thankfully, it's let up and we're now enjoying days with the windows open and tons of outside time! Here's some of what happened in March...

We love our wood burning fireplace and we had too many fires to count. We loved watching the fire!

What do you do when you're stuck inside? Have picnic lunches in dress up clothes, of course!

Sweet sisters! I'm so thankful these girls love each other!

The next pictures are our "pouty" faces. Naomi has been so expressive lately and making pouty faces. Both girls make us laugh everyday!

Naomi's pouty face.

Nyla's pouty face.

Daddy's pouty face.

We moved Naomi into a "big girl" bed not long after the first of the month.
She has surprised us by doing so well. She loves it and has had no issues adjusting to it.
She stays in bed and sleeps well for naps and all night.

I started to feel better in March and have done quite a bit of freezer cooking.
I took this picture for Daniel one morning when I made homemade biscuits, then made breakfast sandwiches
for the freezer for him. Bacon, egg and cheese biscuits. Mmm mmm good.

Nyla selfie. Girl loves my phone.

Greatest invention ever... a stick vacuum. It's super light weight and cleans surprisingly well.
We have all hardwood floors downstairs and it does the best job. And for $40 bucks, you can't beat that.
Nyla wants to vacuum everyday and that's okay with me. Vacuuming isn't my favorite but this girl, man, she loves it!

Naomi is learning to do a few chores and she wants to vacuum here and there. We gladly let her. Start them young!!!

We had only 1 visit to the doctor this month. Surprisingly, we haven't visited the doctor this winter quite like
we have in years past. I'm thankful for that! 

We LOVE March Madness in this house so this month has proved exciting.
Our beloved Kentucky Wildcats have surprised most by making it to the Final Four game. They play Saturday and
we'll be wearing our UK proudly!

I got a wild hair a couple Saturday's ago to put the girls in their shared room.
We had plans to do this eventually, in May, but I was ready to clean out closets and work on
baby's room. And there's an adjustment period with the girls sharing a room.
It's gone about as we expected. They can't nap together so Nyla naps in our bed. They sleep well at night but
get up way too early in the morning. We gave them a clock and they have to wait for the "7" before they can get out of bed. That hasn't worked this week so well, but we're learning. :)

We've had a busy month, as you can see. What's been happening in your home?